2022 Show Classes

Classes are listed below. To enter please use this form to register BEFORE midnight on the Thursday before the Show. This gives us time to print the labels you will need to place with your exhibits on the morning of the show. Late entries will be accepted (for a fee of £1 per class up to a maximum of £3) at the Marquee between 5pm and 7pm on the Friday.

We hope you enjoyed teh 2022 Flowershow. We are looking at making some changes for 2023 so if you have nay comments about what you’d like to keep or suggestions about what might make the Flowershow competition better, please let us know by using the form below.

SECTION A – Flowers

A1           Roses    – Ramblers or Climbers, 3 stems

A2           Roses- 1 specimen bloom

A3           Miniature Roses – Vase of 4 stems

A4           Sweet Peas – Mixed vase, max 7 stems

A5           Hardy Perennials (excluding Shrubs & Roses) –  9 stems, mixed kinds

A6           Pansies – Bowl of6 blooms

A7           Annuals/Biennials – Vase of 4 kinds, up to 8 stems in all

A8           Nasturtiums – A bowl

A9           Gladioli – Vase of 3 stems – Large flowers

A10        Dahlias – Ball Dahlias – Vase of 3 blooms

A11        Dahlias – Cactus Dahlias – Vase of 3 blooms

A12        Dahlias – Vase of 5 mixed Dahlias – Vase of 5 blooms

A13        Shrubs (flowering, no Roses) –  Mixed vase (max 6 stems)

A14        Shrubs (foliage only) – Mixed vase (max 6 stems)

SECTION B – Vegetables

B1           Potatoes – White, 5, 170g, to 225g (6oz to 8oz) each

B2           Potatoes – Coloured, 5, 170g, to 225g (6oz to 8oz) each

B3           Salad Potatoes – 4

B4           Onions – 5, over 225g (8oz)

B5           Onions – 5, under 225g (8oz)

B6           Shallots (Pickling)  -12 Pickling, under 3cm diameter

B7           Shallots (Cullinary) – 12 Culinary, over 3cm diameter

B8           Carrots – 3 long –  Long pointed

B9           Carrots – Other than long pointed, 3

B10         Beetroot  4 Globe, approx 6-7.5cm in diameter

B11         Cabbage – 2 with 10cm stem

B12         Peas – 9 Pods

B13         Broad Beans – 9 Pods

B14         Runner Beans – 9 Pods

B15         French Beans – 9 Pods

B16         Squash – 2

B17         Courgettes , approx 15cm long

B18         Marrows  – 2 Table Marrows, under 35cm length

B19         Cucumbers- 2 Ridge

B20         Cucumbers – 2 Greenhouse

B21         Tomatoes – 6 Large/Standard, approx 6cms in diameter

B22         Tomatoes – Cherry type, bunch of 4 or more as grown

B23         Lettuce – Any, 2, with roots (not cos)

B24         Culinary Herbs – A jar of 5 types, name varieties, cut

B25         Collection of 3 different saladings, selected from: 3 tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 6 spring onions, 6 radishes, 1 lettuce

B26         Any other vegetable for which no class is provided (reasonable amounts). 2 entries permitted per exhibitor.

B27         Class – Master Gardener.  Any 3 from the following:  – Potatoes(3),Tomatoes(3), Peas(6), Carrots without foliage(3), Runner Beans (6 pods). Tray must not exceed 46cmx31cm (18″x12″) and all must be displayed within the confines of the tray. The tray may be dressed with parsley.


C1           Raspberries – 15, to be shown with plugs in

C2           Redcurrants – 225g (8oz) strigs/strings

C3           Blackcurrants – 225g (8oz) strigs/strings

C4           Blackberries – 15, to be shown with plugs in

C5           Gooseberries – 15

C6           Rhubarb – 3 sticks, with 7.5cm of leaf

C7           Any other fruit – Reasonable amounts to be shown

SECTION D – Floral Arrangements etc

D1           An Arrangement in a vase.  Maximum height 60cms (24″)

D2           Perfect Pollinators: an arrangement using flowers which attract insects. – 46cms x 46cms (18″ x 18″) maximum sizes

D3           Floral Wreath  – 46cm 46cms (18″ x 18″) maximum sizes

D4           A Centre piece 30cm x 30cms  – 12″ x 12″) maximum sizes

D5           Flower head-dress

D6           An Arrangement themed “ Jubilee” – 46cms x 46cms (18″ x 18″) maximum sizes

D7           1 Pot Plant – foliage

D8           1 Pot Plant – flowering

SECTION E – Photography (hard copy displayed in the Marquee – no digital entries this year)

Prints must be no larger than 18cm x 13cm (7″x5″) and mounted on white paper or card

Mounts must be no larger than 20cm x 15cm (8″x6″)

E1           Print – Turmoil

E2           Print – Depiction of a New Beginning

E3           Print – Natural Structure

E4           Print – Man Made structure

E5           Print – Scene within the parishes

E6           Print -Movement

E7           Print – Individual Portrait (not animal)

E8           Print – Group Portrait (not animal)

E9           Print – Bird or Insect

E10         Print – Animal

E11         Print – Amusing/comic photograph

E12         Print –  Queen’s 70th Jubilee

E13         Print – Any Pattern

E14         Large format Black and White Print ONLY of any subject larger than 15cm x 10cms

SECTION F – Crafts

F1           Hand knitted Article – (new)

F2           Needlework (new) (includes embroidery/tapestry

F3           Hobby of any kind other than painting or photography

F4           Wooden craft

F5           Painting or Drawing

SECTION G – Childrens Classes

G1          A painting or drawing – Queen’s 70th Jubilee- Age 12-16 years (Years 7-11)

G2          A painting or drawing – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Under 5 years (Pre-school/Reception)

G3          A painting or drawing – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Age 5-6 years (Year 1)

G4          A painting or drawing – Queen’s 70th Jubilee  -Age 6-7 years (Year 2)

G5          A painting or drawing – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Age 7-8 years (Year 3)

G6          A painting or drawing – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Age 8-9 years (Year 4)

G7          A painting or drawing – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Age 9-10 years (Year 5)

G8          A painting or drawing – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Age 10-11 years (Years 6)

G9          Craft – Any Artwork using Dried Pasta. – Ander 5 years (Pre-school/Reception)

G10        Craft – Any Artwork using Dried Pasta. – Age 5-7 years (Years 1&2)

G11        Craft – A Model. – Age 7-9 years (Years 3&4)

G12        Craft – A Model. – Age 9-11years (Years 5&6)

G13        Craft – A sock puppet.  – Age 7-9 yeas (Years 3&4)

G14        Craft –  A sock puppet – Age 9-11yrs (Years 5&6)

G15        Craft –  A sock puppet. – Age 12-16 years (Years 7-11)

G16        Baking – Decorated Biscuits. – Age 5-7 years (Years 1&2)

G17        Baking – Decorated Biscuits.  -Age 7-9 years (Years 3&4)

G18        Baking – Decorated Cupcakes. – Age 9-11 years (Years 5&6)

G19        Baking – Decorated Cupcakes.-  Age 12-16 years (Years 7-11)

G20        Photograph – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Age 7-9 years (Years 3&4)

G21        Photograph – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Age 9-11 years (Years 5&6)

G22        Photograph – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Age 12-16 years (Years 7-11)

G23        A Recent Photograph. – (Any child 16 years and younger, please state age)

G24        Minature garden – seed tray size. – (Any child 16 years and younger, please state age)

G25        An Edible animal. – (Any child 16 years and younger, please state age)

G26        3 Origami flowers. –  (Any child 16 years and younger, please state age)

G27        Create your own Name Plaque for a member of the royal family using modern calligraphy. – Roughly A5 size. (Any child 16 years and younger, please state age)

G28        Design your own Family Shield/Crest – without using a family name  – (Any child 16 years and younger, please state age)

SECTION H – Domestic

H1           Queens 70th Jubilee Pudding

H2           Victoria Sponge with Raspberry Jam

H3           A Celebration Cake – Decorated as you wish

H4           Scones – 6 Plain

H5           Shortbread – 6 pieces

H6           Biscuits – 6

H7           Flapjacks – 6 pieces

H8           Cup Cakes, (6 Decorate as you wish)

H9           A Savoury Pie or Quiche

H10        Loaf of home-made -bread – White

H11        Loaf of home-made bread – Brown

H12        Loaf of home-made bread-Fancy

H13        Jelly-Suitable for serving with meat – 1 Jar

H14        Jelly-Sweet – 1 Jar

H15        Jam – Strawberry – 1 Jar

H16        Jam – Other fruit – 1 Jar

H17        Marmalade – Orange – 1 Jar

H18        Marmalade – Other Fruits – 1 Jar

H19        Chutney – 1 Jar

H20        Pickles – 1 Jar

H21        Home-made Beer – 1 bottle

H22        Home-made Wine – 1 bottle

H23        Home-made Sloe Gin – 1 bottle

H24        Home-made Gin (other than Sloe Gin) – 1 bottle

H25        Elderflower Cordial

H26        Eggs-Hens, 3 home produced

H27        Eggs – (other than Hens) 3 home produced


The Banksian Medal

This is the premier prize of the Show and is given by the Royal Horticultural Society.

To be awarded to the winner of the largest TOTAL NUMBER OF POINTS from all the horticultural classes of the Show.  Winners of the last two years are not eligible for this year’s medal.


3 points for First prizes – 2 points for Second prizes – 1 point for Third prizes

(to include the Master Gardener class)

The McClenaghan Salver: Master Gardener Competition

Donated by Mac and Betty McClenaghan, Elizabeth Maclay’s parents, during their time at Sladen Green, Binley (between 1948 and 1982).  Mac McClenaghan was High Sherriff of Hampshire.

Originally awarded to the best front garden in June Garden Competitions, from 2019 this prize has been reallocated to The Master Gardener Competition.  This class is for three vegetables chosen from the following, quantities to be show are in brackets: Potatoes (3), Tomatoes (3), Peas (6 pods), Carrots without foliage (3), Runner Beans (6 pods).  The outside of the tray must not exceed 46x31cm (18×12”) and all vegetables must be displayed within the confines of the tray.  The tray may be dressed but only with parsley.

The Capt T H Hudson Challenge Cup

Captain Hudson lived at Dene House, Binley.  He grew an enormous quantity of fruit and vegetables in glasshouses and employed many locals.

To be awarded to the exhibitor with the most points in Section B (Vegetables)

The Stewart McCallum Memorial Cup

To be awarded to the exhibitor gaining most points in Section A (Flowers)

The Sir Geoffrey Watson Challenge Cup

Sir Geoffrey lived in Egbury

To be awarded to the exhibitor who scores the most points in Class D1-D6 (Floral Arangements)

The Fuller Challenge Cup

Probably donated during the 1970’s by the Fullers of Wakeswood, St Mary Bourne.  The family ran Taskers Trailers in Andover (now known as Andover Trailers).  Mr Chudleigh was Head Gardener, John Capindale was Head Pigman and Ron Grunsell was a part time gardener.

To be awarded to the exhibitor gaining the most points in Classes D6-D7 (Pot Plants)

The Rochford Challenge Cup

The Rochford family bought Dene House in Binley from Captain Hudson

To be awarded to the exhibitor who gains the most points in Section F (Crafts)

The David Mitchell Rose Bowl

Donated by Sir David, MP and councillor, in the 1970’s

To be awarded for the best Rose exhibit in the Show (Classes A1, A2, A3)

The Mrs Swatton Memorial Cup

Donated in 2016 by Lesley Jeffrey in memory of her grandmother, Dorothy Swatton, who was an avid exhibitor at the Flower Show.

To be awarded to the best entry in Class A7 (annuals).

The St Quintin Challenge Bowl

Donated by Peter and Camilla St Quintin in 2015.  Both long-standing Committee members, Peter first joined in the 1970’s, has served as Chairman and, since 2004, has been our President.

To be awarded to the best Sweet Peas in Class A4.

The Burr Memorial Cup and Prize

Harry Burr of Priors Farm, Stone was Councillor and Chairman of the Parish Council for many years.  He named the local amateur dramatics society, Priors Players, after his farm in the 1980’s.

To be awarded to the child with the most points in Section G.

The Gray Family Cup

Donated in the late 1990’s by Maurice Gray, Chair of the stMB and Area Conservation Society, who lived with his family in Green Lodge, Gangbridge Lane.

To be awarded to the child with the best entry in Class G24 (Miniature Garden).

The Diana Smith Celebration Cake stand

An Ash wood cake stand was commissioned by the Hort Soc in 2007 to celebrate the Flower Shows Diamond Anniversary (70 years).  It was named after Di Smith in recognition of her long standing support for the Show and encouragement to Enham residents to enter the domestic classes in Section H.

To be awarded to the exhibitor gaining the most points in Section H (Domestic)

A Bourne Valley Pick-your-Own Voucher

Donated by the Cully family in 1986 when the pick-Your-Own first began.

To be awarded to the competitor wining the most points in Section C.

The Burlison Photography Prize

Dave & Janice Burlison who live in the High Street, StMB and run a local, award winning photography business, have donated a prize since 2009.

A Silver Photograph frame to be awarded to the overall best in Section E

How to Enter

Click HERE to complete an entry form

Entry in all classes is free for entry forms recieved on or before the Thursday before the show. Late entries made on the Friday will be charged at £1 per entry. Entries cannot be made on the day of the show.

Use the form above to enter you details and select which classes you will be entering.

24 hours after your entry registration your exhibitor class entry cards will be available for you to collect: Wednesday, Thursday or Friday evenings in the week prior to the show, 5-7pm outside the village shop, or between 8am and 9.30am on show day.

For those that prefer to use Paper forms, these  can be printed off (from this link) or obtained from the Village shop. Your completed paper form can then be either: dropped back to the Village shop before 6pm Thursday, or bought along Wednesday and Thursday 6-7pm  evenings to outside the village shop where the marquee team will be available to take your entry form and write your exhibitor class entry cards.

Closing Date for Paper Registration of Entries: 7pm on the Thursday before the Show

Closing Date for Online Registration of Entries: MIdnight on the Thursday before the Show

  • Any entry after this time are Late Entries and can only be registered at the marquee between 5pm and 7pm on the Friday before the Show.
  • Late entries attract a fee of £1 per entry up to a maximum of £3 per person. 
  • Late entries need to be submitted manually using the printable form below. Paper forms will be available in the village shop and in the marquee Friday 5-7 before the show.

Staging Exhibits

The Marquee will open at the following times to receive exhibits.

Friday 5.00 pm to 7.00 pmNon-perishable Sections E, F and G (Except G16-19 and G25)
Saturday 8.00 am to 9.45 amAll Classes

All exhibits must be on their stands by 9.45 am on Saturday, and must remain there until 4.00 pm. At 9.45 am SHARP the Marquee will be closed to exhibitors for judging to take place.

Exhibits may be removed between 4.00pm and 4.15pm but otherwise will be entered into the auction.

Horticultural Show Entry Rules

Horticultural Show

The Show shall be called The St Mary Bourne Flower Show and Fête. It shall be held annually and conducted broadly in accordance with the Royal Horticultural Society Handbook. It shall be organised by the Committee of the St Mary Bourne Horticultural Society.  The Committee shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting and shall have power to co-opt. Only members of the Society resident in the Ecclesiastical Parishes of St Mary Bourne, Woodcott and Hurstbourne Priors shall be eligible to vote.


All Classes are open.


Exhibits of Flowers, fruit or vegetables shall have been grown in the exhibitor’s garden or allotment and shall have been in the exhibitor’s possession for two months prior to the Show. All vegetables should be free of soil.  It shall be open to anyone appointed by the Committee to inspect the exhibitor’s garden or allotment.


No person shall enter more than one exhibit in any one Class.


No exhibitor Names shall be attached to any exhibit until after the Judging.


Judges shall be appointed by the Committee and their decision shall be final.  They shall have the power to withhold prizes when these are not merited.  No person, unless officially appointed, shall be present in the show tent during the judging, which commences at 10am.  Classes will be judged under R.H.S. Rules.

Responsibility The Committee shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any exhibit or property of any visitor to the show.

Hints and Tips on Exhibiting

Match size of exhibits within each category and ensure weights conform where specified


Broad Beans, Runner Beans and French Beans – Clean. Cut from plant leaving a tiny bit of stem. Size should be uniform, Display on a paper plate.

Beetroot – Wash clean. Leave root on and trim top to 4cm. Display on a paper plate.

Cabbage – Cut stem leaving 10cm of root stalk.

Carrots – Wash. Trim tops to 2.5cms. Leave root intact. Display on a paper plate.

Courgettes – Cut from plant leaving 4cm of stem. Leave flower on if possible. Clean. Size should be uniform. Display on a paper plate.

Marrows – Cut from plant leaving 2.5cm of stem. Clean. Size should be uniform.

Lettuce – Cut from root and remove damaged leaves. Wash roots.

Onions and Shallots – Leaving 5cm of stem, cut and tie with raffia. Trim roots. Display on a paper plate.

Potatoes – Wash gently leaving skin intact. Display on a paper plate.

Tomatoes Standard – Clean. Leave plugs in. Display on a paper plate.

Tomatoes Cherry – Clean. Use whole bunch with the ripest tomatoes. Display on a paper plate.


Currants – Pick on strings. Clean.

Gooseberries – Leave plugs in. Clean.

Raspberries – Leave plugs in. Clean. Display on a paper plate. Size should be uniform.

Rhubarb – Pull from base of plant. Clean. Cut leaf leaving 7.5cm of leaf on.

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