St Mary Bourne Annual Flower Show and Fête 2022



Usual stalls and shows will be set up on the Playing Field.

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The Flower Show in the Nineteenth Century

Abridged extract from “Life in a Hampshire Village”, written in 1944 by Kathleen E Innes, resident of St Mary Bourne and reproduced here with kind permission from descendants, Mr & Mrs Alex Royd’s, April 2009.

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Flower Show Heads of Departments

President – Mr Peter St Quintin Tel: 738388

Chairman –  Mr Jeremy Barkes Tel: 738263

Deputy Chairman – Mr John Banbury  Tel: 07870 689003

Head of Showground – Mr Robert de Segundo Tel: 07917 727887

Head of Marquee – Mr John Banbury  Tel: 07870 689003

Head of Marketing – Mrs Abigail Millar Tel: 738800

Head of Arena –  Mrs Sky Ralph Tel: 07786 931639

Hon Treasurer – Mr Michael Strong Tel: 738866

Hon Secretary – Ms Sheila Marsh Tel: 07717 717316

Joint Heads of Advertising – Mr Edward Macgill (07861 308653)

                                                  Mrs Rachel Macgill (07501 879013)

Committee members

Ms Jan Atkinson (07787 535392)

Mrs Nicola Facey (738695)

Mrs Jean Hardie (738688)

Mrs Gwen Randall (738727)

Mrs Heather Scott (738551)

Mrs Elly Roberts (07769 970895) 

Mr Ashley Dean (07825 104625)

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