75th Annivesary

was on Saturday 23rd July 2022

Winners of the Show Classes and Prizes 2022

The Banksian Medallargest TOTAL NUMBER OF POINTS from all the horticultural classes Mike Thomas
The Stewart McCallum Cupmost points in Section A (Flowers) Mike Thomas
The David Mitchell Rose Bowlbest Rose exhibit Mike Thomas
The St Quintin Challenge Bowlbest Sweet Peas  Peter Blair
The Capt Hudson Challenge Cupmost points in Section B (Veg) Mike Thomas
Pick Your Own Voucher the most points in Section C (Fruit) Thelma Batchelor
The McClenaghan SalverMaster Gardener Peter Blair
The Fuller Challenge Cupmost points in Classes D6-D7 (Pot Plants) Ann Holstein
The Sir Geoffrey Watson Challenge Cupmost points in Class D1-D6 (Floral Arrangements) Ann Holstein
Burlison Photography Prizebest photograph Emily Pettit 
The Rochford Challenge Cupmost points in Section F (Craft) Mike Thomas
The Burr Memorial Cup (Children’s) child with the most points in Section G (Children’s) Violet Nevis
The Gray Family Cup best Miniature Garden Violet Nevis  
The Diana Smith Celebration Cake Stand the exhibitor gaining the most points in Section H (Domestic) John Banbury
A1RosesMike ThomasEd van ZellerLaura Hillsley-Cook
A2RosesMike ThomasCatherine RichEd van Zeller
A3Miniature Roses   
A4Sweet PeasPeter BlairKatie CambrookMike Thomas
A5Hardy Perennials (excluding Shrubs & Roses)Caroline HoyesThelma BatchelorAnna Vivian
A6PansiesThelma Batchelor  
A7Annuals/BiennialsLorraine CousinsThelma BatchelorMike Thomas
A8NasturtiumsMike Thomas  
A9Gladioli  Mike Thomas
A10Dahlias – Ball DahliasNigel SmithCarl RossThelma Batchelor
A11Dahlias – Cactus DahliasNigel Smith Peter Blair
A12Dahlias – Vase of 5 mixed DahliasNigel SmithMike Thomas 
A13Shrubs (flowering, no Roses)Thelma BatchelorMike Thomas 
A14Shrubs (foliage only)Anna VivianMike ThomasThelma Batchelor
B1PotatoesPeter Blair  
B2Potatoes Mike Thomas 
B3Salad PotatoesMike ThomasGill Cross 
B4OnionsElizabeth CorbettMike Thomas 
B5OnionsMike ThomasGill Cross 
B6Shallots (Pickling)Thelma Batchelor  
B7Shallots (Cullinary)   
B8Carrots – 3 longPeter BlairDiana SmithMike Thomas
B9Carrots – otherMike ThomasThelma Batchelor 
B10BeetrootMike ThomasDiana SmithAnna Vivian
B12PeasMike ThomasThelma Batchelor 
B13BeansMike ThomasElizabeth Corbett 
B14BeansMike ThomasAnna VivianElizabeth Corbett
B15BeansMike ThomasPeter BlairJan Atkinson
B16Squash Mike Thomas 
B17CourgettesMike ThomasAnna VivianDiana Smith
B18MarrowsMike Thomas  
B19CucumbersMike Thomas  
B20CucumbersMike Thomas  
B21TomatoesDiana Smith  
B22TomatoesMike ThomasJan AtkinsonDiana Smith
B23LettuceAnna VivianThelma Batchelor 
B24Cullinary HerbsMike ThomasGill CrossSiena Strong
B25Collection of 3 different saladings,Diana SmithMike Thomas 
B26Any other vegetable for which no class is providedAnna VivianMike ThomasDiana Smith
B27Class – Master Gardener. New point are 1st = 3, 2nd = 2, 3rd = 1Peter Blair  
C5GooseberriesThelma Batchelor  
C6RhubarbJan AtkinsonMike ThomasSiena Strong
C7Any other fruit   
C8blank now   
Flower Arrangement1st2nd3rd
D1An Arrangement in a vase. Maximum height 60cms (24″)Ann Holstein  
D2Perfect Pollinators:Anna VivianAnn HolsteinCaroline Hoyes
D3Floral WreathJenny CharmanAnn Holstein 
D4A CentrepeiceAnn Holstein  
D5Flower head-dress Ann Holstein 
D6An Arrangement ”Themed’ Jubilee.Ann Holstein  
D71 Pot Plant – foliageAnn Holstein  
D81 Pot Plant – floweringAnn HolsteinMike Thomas 
D9blank now   
D10blank now   
E1Print – Turmoil   
E2Print – Depiction of a New BeginningJeanette DavisEmily Pettit 
E3Print – Natural StructureJeanette DavisOlivia FaceyEmily Pettit
E4Print – Man Made structureEmily Pettit  
E5Print – Scene within the parishesEmily Pettit  
E6Print -MovementLou KingEmily Pettit 
E7Print – Individual Portrait (not animal)Emily Pettit  
E8Print – Group Portrait (not animal)   
E9Print – Bird or InsectLou KingJeanette DavisCarl Ross
E10Print – AnimalLou KingEmily PettitOlivia Facey
E11Print – Amusing/comic photographJeanette DavisEmily PettitLou King
E12Print –  Queen’s 70th JubileeLou KingLorraine Cousins 
E13Print – Any PatternLou KingEmily Pettit 
E14Large format Black and White any subject   
 Master Gardener   
Class – Master GardenerPeter Blair  
F1Hand knitted Article – (new)   
F2Needlework (new) (includes embroidery/tapestry   
F3Hobby of any kind other than painting or photography   
F4Painting or Drawing   
F5A painting or drawing – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Age 12-16 yrs   
G1A painting or drawing – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Age 12-16 yrs   
G2A painting or drawing – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Under 5 yrs   
G3A painting or drawing – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Age 5-6 yrs   
G4A painting or drawing – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Age 6-7 yrs   
G5A painting or drawing – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Age 7-8 yrs   
G6A painting or drawing – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Age 8-9 yrsHenry BlackmanPearl JonesHenry Himpson
G7A painting or drawing – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Age 9-10 yrs   
G8A painting or drawing – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Age 10-11 yrs   
G9Artwork using Dried Pasta. Under 5 yrsViolet NevisEva JuniperKevin Hickey multiple age groups
G10Any Artwork using Dried Pasta. Age 5-7 yrsGeorge Snelling  
G11A Model. Age 7-9 yrsHenry Battle  
G12A Model. Age 9-11yrsRalph Barkes  
G13A sock puppet. Age 7-9 yrsDarcy Fullerton  
G14A sock puppet Age 9-11yrs   
G15A sock puppet. Age 12-16 yrsFlorence Banbury  
G16Decorated Biscuits. Age 5-7 yrsOliver Banbury  
G17Decorated Biscuits. Age 7-9 yrsViolet NevisRalph Barkes 
G18Decorated Cupcakes. Age 9-11 yrs   
G19Decorated Cupcakes. Age 12-16 yrs   
G20Photograph – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Age 7-9 yrs   
G21Photograph – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Age 9-11 yrs   
G22Photograph – Queen’s 70th Jubilee – Age 12-16 yrs   
G23A Recent Photograph. (Any child under 17)   
G24Miniature garden –Violet Nevis  
G25An Edible animal. (Any child under 17)William Vivian  
G263 Origami flowers. (Any child under 17)Violet Nevis  
G27Name Plaque for a member of the royal family using modern calligraphy. Roughly A5 size. (Any child under 17)   
G28Design your own Family Shield/Crest. (Any child under 17)   
H1Queens 70th Jubilee Pudding   
H2Victoria Sponge with Raspberry JamLorraine CousinsJohn Banbury 
H3A Celebration Cake – Decorated as you wishElizabeth Corbett  
H4Scones – 6 PlainDiana RobinsonHelen Burgess-CrossCatherine Rich
H5ShortbreadLaura Hillsley-CookLorraine CousinsClive Jeanes
H6Biscuits Clive Jeanes 
H7FlapjacksClive JeanesDiana RobinsonFiona Foote
H8Cup Cakes, Maxine Battle 
H9A Savoury Pie or Quiche   
H10Loaf of home made-bread – WhiteJohn BanburyMaxine BattleJames Redfern
H11Loaf of home-made bread – BrownFiona FooteJohn Banbury 
H12Loaf of home-made bread-FancyJohn BanburyMaxine BattlePeter Martin
H13Jelly-Suitable for serving with meatElizabeth Corbett  
H15Jam – Strawberry   
H16Jam – Other fruitSheila Marsh  
H17Marmalade – Orange Catherine Rich 
H18Marmalade – Other Fruits   
H19ChutneyAlan SpekesKatie CambrookCatherine Rich
H20PicklesDavid PykettAlan SpekesSuzanne  Taylor
H21Home-made Beer   
H22Home-made WineAlan SpekesJohn Banbury 
H23Home-made Sloe GinJohn BanburyCarl RossSiena Strong
H24Home-made Gin (other than Sloe Gin)Siena Strong  
H25Elderflower CordialJohn BanburySiena Strong Barnaby Higgins
H26Eggs-Hens, 3 home producedHelen Burgess-CrossCatherine RichElizabeth Corbett
H27Eggs – (other than Hens) 3 home produced Violet NevisElizabeth Corbett 
  • Friday 22nd
  • 5.00 pm – 7.00 pm Marquee open to receive non-perishable exhibits (limited parking)
  • 6.00 pm –                Volunteers needed to prepare the Showground
  • Saturday 23rd
  • 8.00 am –                Car Park gates open.
  • 8.00 am – 9.45 am SHARP Marquee open to receive exhibits (use main car park)
  • 9.00 am –               Volunteers needed to prepare the Showground
  • 10.00am – Cakes to the cake stall and to the Tea ladys in the hall, unused treasures to the Bric-a-brac, second hand books to the book stall etc
  • 12.30 pm –              Show declared OPEN.
  • 1.00 pm –                First Dog Show Class
  • 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm Teas served in the Village Hall
  • 4.00 pm – 4.15 pm Remove your exhibits from the Marquee or leave them for the auction
  • 4.00 pm –                Raffle Draw
  • 4.30 pm –                Auction of Exhibits.
  • 5.00 pm –                Volunteers needed to tidy up the Showground
  • 7.00 pm –                11.00 pm The After Party! Tickets available from the Shop.

If you would like to get involved or are interested in advertising space please contact Abby Millar 

If you would like to have a stall in the showground please contact John Banbury

Flower Showground 2022

Usual stalls and shows will be set up on the Playing Field.

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The Flower Show in the Nineteenth Century

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Flower Show Heads of Departments

President – Mr Peter St Quintin Tel: 738388

Chairman –  Mr Jeremy Barkes Tel: 738263

Deputy Chairman – Mr John Banbury  Tel: 738454

Head of Showground – Mr John Banbury Tel: 738454

Head of Marquee – Mrs Jan Atkinson Tel: 07787 535392

Head of Marketing – Mrs Abigail Millar Tel: 738800

Head of Arena –  Mrs Claire Scull www.clawsnpawspetshop.co.uk

Hon Treasurer – Mr Michael Strong Tel: 738866

Hon Secretary – Ms Sheila Marsh Tel: 07717 717316

Joint Heads of Advertising – Mr Edward Macgill (07861 308653)

                                                  Mrs Rachel Macgill (07501 879013)

Committee members

Ms Jan Atkinson (07787 535392)

Mrs Nicola Facey (738695)

Mrs Jean Hardie (738688)

Mrs Gwen Randall (738727)

Mrs Heather Scott (738551)

Mrs Elly Roberts (07769 970895) 

Mr Ashley Dean (07825 104625)

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