St Mary Bourne Annual Flower Show 2024

Saturday 27th July 2024

08.00 am to 10.00 am Entries to the Tent (pre-registration is not required, just bring your produce and creations to the Marquee to be judged)

Show opens 12.30 pm

Marquee Opens for viewing at 2.00 pm

Results and Prizes 2023

Judge:Elizabeth Maclay MBE  & Mercedes Leonard
Section A – Flowers1st2nd3rd
ClassTrophyEntrant’s nameEntrant’s nameEntrant’s name
A1RosesDavid Mitchell Rose BowlHarriet DickensonKitty MillarLouise Banbury
A2Sweet Peas Peter BlairJo GriffithKate Vernon
A3Perennials (excluding Roses and Dahlias) Ali BuckleyLesley SarsonAngie Simmen
A4Dahlias Kate VernonBebe CorbettHarriet  McCullough
A5Posy in a jam jar Kate VernonLucy PilkingtonAnn Gerrard
A6Hardy’s Plugs (donated by Hardy’s Nursery, grown and shown by you)St Quintin Challenge
Emma FosterAnn HollsteinKristen Henderson
A6Hardy’s Plugs (donated by Hardy’s Nursery, grown and shown by you)Fuller Challenge CupAnn HollsteinFiona FooteEmma Foster
Section Winner:Stewart McCallum CupKate Vernon
Judge:Bridget & Wyndam Culley
Section B -Vegetables and Fruit1st2nd3rd
ClassTrophyEntrant’s nameEntrant’s nameEntrant’s name
B1Runner Beans Jan AtkinsonElizabeth MaclayJane Snow
B2Courgettes Ali BuckleyPeter BlairDiana Smith
B3TomatoesPresident’s CupKristen Hendsersonother entry only 4 tomatoes so disqualified 
B4Tomatoes – Cherry Jan AtkinsonKristen HendersonDiana Smith
B5Rhubarb Martin TheobaldJane SnowKristen Henderson
Section Winner:Capt Hudson Challenge CupKristen Hendserson
Master GardenerMcClenagham SalverKristen Hendserson
Section C – DomesticJudge:Diana Smith (son judged booze)
ClassTrophyEntrant’s nameEntrant’s nameEntrant’s name
C1Victoria Sponge with Raspberry JamDiana Smith Cake StandClemmie ParrAmelia KennedyKitty Millar
C2Lemon Drizzle cake Kitty MillarJane DunsdenRichard Freddie Ward
C3Flapjacks Fenella BarryWalshTom VallingsR Long
C4Loaf of home made-bread – Any type Laura DaviesRuth TraceyGemma Orange
C5Jam or Marmalade – Any type Morag JossJo GriffithElizabeth Maclay
C6Chutney – Any type Bebe Corbett Sophy Blakeway
C7Home-made Beer or WineSir Geoffrey Watson CupOliver BanburyJohn Banbury 
C8Sloe Gin Mike StrongJane DunstenBebe Corbett
Section Winner:Rochford Challenge CupKitty Millar
Judge:James Attenborough
Section D – Photography1st2nd3rd
ClassTrophyEntrant’s nameEntrant’s nameEntrant’s name
D1Print – Landscape scene Tom KennedyRuth TraceyNigel Dickenson
D2Print  – Bird, Insect, Animal, Flower Candice Hudson RolfJeanette DavisSandra Grunsell
D3Print – Amusing/comic photograph L MewPeter & Susie CorbettEmily Pettit
Judge:Ann Hollstein
Section E – Children1st2nd3rd
ClassTrophyEntrant’s nameEntrant’s nameEntrant’s name
E1Under 5 – Minature GardenGray Family CupImogen Gurney-PurcellJack BuckleyFlorence & Harriet Rimmer
E2Under 7s – make a mini beast using recycled materials Joseph UrquhantThomas BuckleyFlorence Rimmer
E37-9 yrs – Floral Crown    
E410-12 yrs – use vegetables to create art inspired by Arcimboldo    
E5Open class (under 16 yrs) – Flapjacks Barnaby HigginsOliver BanburyGemma Orange
E6In The Garden (school) 4-6yrs Ella NewellToby MacParlandAmelia Wagstaff
E7Flower Power (school 5-7yrs Belle ChristovaTilly Kilroy DykeFelix Simmens
E8Flower Power (school) 6-8yrs Amelia Ellis CosgroveRosie SeysCharlie Blackman
E9Architecture (school) 8-10yrs Gabriela BuczekHenry BlackmanNate Benjamien
E10Architecture (school) 9-11yrs VioletPollyDarcy
E11Tallest Sunflower (school)Mrs Swatton CupEmilia BradleyOliver BanburyHumphrey Dean
Section Winner:Burr Memorial CupJoseph Urquhant

Prizes: Variuous trophies have been donated over the years and will be awarded on the day. See here for more details.


If you would like to get involved or are interested in advertising space please contact Abby Millar

If you would like to have a stall in the showground please contact Richard Long

Usual stalls and shows will be set up on the Playing Field.

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The Flower Show in the Nineteenth Century

Abridged extract from “Life in a Hampshire Village”, written in 1944 by Kathleen E Innes, resident of St Mary Bourne and reproduced here with kind permission from descendants, Mr & Mrs Alex Royd’s, April 2009.

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The Flower Show team

President- Elect – Mrs Harriet Dickinson
Chairman – Mr John Banbury  Tel: 738454
Hon Secretary – Sheila Marsh
Hon Treasurer – Mr Michael Strong Tel: 738866
Head of Showground & Stallholders – Mr Richard Long Tel: 07780995275
Head of Flower Show Marquee – Mrs Emma
Head of Marketing – Mrs Anna Vivian 738939
Head of Advertising – Mrs Rachel Macgill Tel: 07501 879013
Head of Raffle – Mr Jeremy Barkes Tel: 738263 & Mrs Jean Hardie Tel:738688
Head of Dog Show – 

Committee members

Ms Jan Atkinson (07787 535392)

Mrs Nicola Facey (738695)

Mrs Jean Hardie (738688)

Mrs Gwen Randall (738727)

Mrs Heather Scott (738551)

Mrs Elly Roberts (07769 970895) 

Mr Ashley Dean (07825 104625)

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