The Boundary Team

The founder committee members, who have established this new venture, come from a variety of backgrounds and have a range of relevant experience, skills and reasons for volunteering. Brief summaries of these are provided below:

Jo Boxer

Shop and Cafe Committee Chairperson

My Day Job: Consultant specialising in organisational culture, leadership development and communications

I have lived in St Mary Bourne for 20 years and have been a member of the shop committee for the last 4 years, taking on the role of chair in 2020. I have watched the shop develop into a thriving community asset that not only provides the goods and services we need, but that also brings our community together. I am passionate about continuing to evolve and strengthen our community now and for the future and feel that our plans to build a community cafe is a great way to achieve this.

Mike Crofts

Vice Chairperson

My Day Job: Retired Business Owner

I am very interested in ensuring not only a sense, but a reality of community within this fabulous village, not forgetting its surrounding hamlets. The Shop and Café seem to me to be an excellent way to help this aim.

Lara Madge

Village Shop Manager

My Day Job: St Mary Bourne Village Shop Manager

I love the idea of a Community Café. A space where we can come together. A space where everyone in the community will be welcome whether they are with friends or on their own. For me, living in a village is all about the people who live around you… we all sleep within 1 square mile of each other and although we might not know everyone, our lives are intrinsically linked. In a world that is ever more inward-looking, St Mary Bourne has an opportunity to become an inclusive society where we look after and look out for each other. To have a warm, welcoming place that serves great teas and coffees, light lunches and beautiful cakes, where you can turn up to after a muddy walk with a friend, where you can find solitude from an otherwise hectic world, is too good an opportunity to pass by. We are fortunate enough to live in a beautiful, community-minded parish… with that as a foundation to build on is an absolute privilege and one not to be wasted.

Paul Gaffney


My Day Job: Chief Executive of the Defence Medical Welfare Service

I decided to get involved in this new venture to have the opportunity to participate in a village-wide initiative to further enhance the sense of community within St Mary Bourne

Karen Crofts


My Day Job: Housewife

I believe that the shop extension and café project is a great opportunity to develop an enviable community asset. Having a café and improved shop right at the heart of the parish can benefit all of us and complement other community assets such as the Village Centre. After a 15-year career as a solicitor, I’ve been lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mum since moving here in 2000, with time to help with various groups and activities and some tasks needing a legal input. I want to do what I can to help make this project happen.

James Croser

Cafe and Finance Committee

My Day Job: Pension Trustee and former Finance Director

I want to help the realisation of a community cafe at the centre of St Mary Bourne, to create a place to meet and chat and an enhanced shop that is environmentally friendly

Roberta Sarson

Communication and Marketing

My Day Job: New Product Development Lead

Having grown up in the village I felt it was time to give back to the community and what better way than helping with this exciting project to create a hub with a relaxed atmosphere, where you can work, meet friends or chill with a good book with great coffee and cakes.

Laura Davis

Cafe Designer/Graphic Designer

My Day Job: Cafe Design and Operations Consultant

We moved to the village just before lockdown and wanted to get involved in the community. I used to have a coffee shop & roastery business in London where I was responsible for designing the cafes. Rather serendipitously, I discovered that Lara and the team were hoping to add a café to the shop and thought I might be of use.

Lesley Sarson

Administration and Website design

My Day Job: Retired Kinesiologist

Having lived in the village for 28 years, and having been involved with SMB playgroup, and Friends of SMB School, when my children were younger, I felt that now was the time to become an active member of the community again. I feel that this project will enhance the village, providing a wonderful meeting space, as well as a much needed revamp of the shop. My previous career was in hospitality and catering, and I feel that I will be able to offer insight and support to this new venture

Ed Makgill

Building/Project Management

My Day Job: Property Developer and Investor

I wanted to get involved to help support the Village Shop Team achieve their goal in creating a much-needed asset that will unite the village, and become a valuable asset for the community.

Oliver Madge

Building/Project Management

My Day Job: Public Health Consultant and due diligence planner

The village shop is a key part of the community and a vital link to many within the village, based on demographics, accessibility or living alone. Through the last 20 months, the shop has continued to serve through Covid, especially for those who are vulnerable but has also looked to maintain a consistency for all. The creation of a larger space, with facilities for those within the local and wider community to engage with others, a sense of local destination, and the ability to enjoy the surroundings with local produce and community members is something that I want to support and help in any way possible. As a parish council member, this is a wonderful asset that with investment and collective support will enrich the lives of the local community

Katy Maxwell

Project Manager

My Day Job: Partnership Growth Manager at SimplyHealth

I was really delighted to be asked to be involved in this community project as I think a café would be a great addition to the local facilities – and I think that community-funded projects are great ways to bring people together.

Andrew Shegog

Finance Committee

My Day Job: Farmer

I wanted to get involved in this project to support an initiative that will benefit the village in a number of ways: supporting community spirit, enhancing the offer the village shop provides, creating a hub for people to meet and feel part of the life of the village

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