Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of coffee will you be serving at the café?

All the usual suspects including Lattes, Cappuccinos, Americanos, Flat Whites.. all available with plant, skinny or full-fat milk.

Will this include tea and other hot beverages such as hot chocolate?

Of course. Fresh herbal teas and Earl Grey along with the ever-important Hot Chocolate!

Will the cafe be serving cold drinks and water?

Yes. A wide range of soft drinks will be available along with free tap water!

Will you be providing soup at lunchtime?

Among other things, but definitely a staple in the winter!

How many customers will you be able to sit at any one time?

The café will be able to seat 20 people inside and 18 outside

Can you book a table?

With plenty of tables both inside and outside we don’t feel there will be a need for a booking system.

What sort of food will you be serving at the cafe?

Cakes, snacks and light lunches.

Can I book the whole cafe for a birthday party or celebration?

As we feel this would take away from other businesses and event destinations in the village and make it unavailable for other people to use, we will not be offering the whole café out for private parties.

Are you providing a takeaway service?

A takeaway service will be available

What sort of seating arrangements will there be?

Small tables of 2 or 4 that could be put together to make 6 or 8 if necessary

Will the cafe be child friendly?

Absolutely. The café welcomes everyone!

What will be the opening hours of the cafe?

The café will be open
8am – 5pm Monday – Friday
9am – 4pm Saturday
9am – 3pm Sunday

Can I enjoy a coffee or hot drink outside?

Yes. There will be seating outside for 18 covers.

In the summer can we purchase an ice cream?

Of course!!

Would you be able to offer a sandwich lunch and hot drinks for a meeting taking place in the village hall?

As long as the meeting is within Café hours, then yes.

Will the cafe be open at the weekends?

Yes. See above.

Will you be serving alcohol at the cafe?

No. But the Café will be able to offer BYO.

Can I purchase something at the village shop and eat it or drink it in the cafe?

We would prefer you not to… and the café menu is going to be so lovely and fresh, we’ll doubt you’ll want to either!

Will you have newspapers available to read in the cafe?

Yes, we will.

Will you be serving croissants and patisseries in the cafe?

Yes, we will.

What sort of food will you be serving in the cafe at lunchtime?

Light lunches such as soup, salads and sandwiches

Will cake served at the café be sourced locally?

Of course!

Can I hold an informal meeting in the cafe?

Yes, as long as drinks or food are purchased.

Will there be Wi-Fi connectivity in the cafe?


Can I connect a laptop computer into an electrical supply at the cafe?


Will the cafe be a waitress service or from the counter?

Counter service.

Will there be doors from the cafe opening onto the recreation ground?


Will there be a suggestions book to allow for customer feedback and comments?

Of course! It’s a community café after all!

Will there be music playing in the cafe?

We do not anticipate getting a music license.